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A love in – with H&M


After a trip with my bestie to Brent Cross a couple of weeks ago, it struck me that sometimes you are lucky in shops and sometimes you aren’t. That is, sometimes you find so many things that you like, that you have to do shifts in the changing rooms and the shop assistants hate you, or completely the opposite, you find nothing that sparks the imagination.

So, when one of the former occasions arise, I will document the shopping ‘love in’ with a blog post. This time, it’s H&M.

H&M can be a hit and miss shop, and in my humble opinion, their online shopping experience is massively flawed. This time around, we had a hit. My girl spent around £140, got 9 items of clothing, amounting to a vast number of mix and match outfits! Feast your peepers on these, baby.

Top row, L-R: Stripy jumper, £14.99; Navy jacket, £29.99; Green trousers, £14.99; Middle row, L-R: Floral shirt, £12.99; Hooded cardigan, £29.99; Navy jeggings, £24.99; Bottom row, L-R: Black jersey top, £6.99; Tan waist belt, £12.99; Green cable jumper, £12.99.

Some of these (the floral shirt, navy jacket and the navy trousers) I’ve had to replace with similar items because the actual ones aren’t shown on the H&M website (tut tut).

My favourite of her outfits was this cute smasual combo of the navy jacket, the white floral shirt (she actually bought a t-shirt with the same pattern) and the green jeans. She looked amazing (I am now also secretly lusting after this outfit, just with pink jeans instead! Shh don’t tell anyone!) I went to the H&M changing room online, and finished the outfit with a little tan belt and a pair of matching shoes and some sunnies. Tres chic!

She could have also paired it up with that sweet (and bargainous) stripy jumper. The gold in the collar of the jumper brings out the gold in the buttons on the blazer and vice versa!

Another one was a nautical-but-nice outfit, with the navy jeans and the aforementioned stripy jumper. I would slap that lovely waist belt around it too, and tie the colour of the belt in with a tan pair of boots or pumps. To style up, I’d also find a patterned scarf and tie around my neck or in my hair, like the below. (Those fit boots are in the sale at £34.99 as well. Swoooon!)

So there we have it, between us we spent an afternoon making sweet sweet love to H&M. And boy it felt good. x