Birthday suit


So one of my beautiful friends turns 30 at the end of the month, and in the course of our chats over email at work (naughty) she charged me with the task/honour of finding her a dress/outfit for her 30th that, and I quote, “says ‘I’m 30 and single’ and that makes me feel great.”

As you can imagine I squealed with excitement at a new task. I’ve got up to £100 to spend, and literally no other limits than the above. DANGEROUS!

First attempt

Now, I know I’ve done a post on this before, but nothing shouts ‘hello boys’ louder than a red dress. If it fits well, it will make you feel like a million dollars (that’s £645,802.37p).

So, off I popped into the web-is-phere and found the following super hot red frocks.

I found this first little number from a website called Rockabilly Pinup. It’s a classic retro shape in hot red by Lady K Loves. At £45 it’s a steal, and leaves £55 for me to find accessories! Yes, it’s low cut, but she gave me an open brief. Told you it was dangerous!

Next up is this sexy little dress by Hybrid at ASOS. Now my girl is smaller on top than on the bottom, so she can get away with the fab shoulder detailing on this dress. Slinky and sexy, it’s £85. Luckily I think the dress speaks for itself and a bit of simple jewellery will set this off a treat.

There was another dress – a ruched pencil dress with capped sleeves that I found in Monsoon, but I’ll be effed if I can find it anywhere online, so I will have to come back to this one.

Second attempt

Yes, I know it’s still January, but spring will be here soon, and there’s something delightful about a floaty, girly dress that says ‘I’m fun, and I don’t have a care in the world’. So this was my next port of call – flirty rather than foxy.

Also the dresses must be swishy.

First up I found this gorgeous pale pink embroidered edge dress, which I just love. It’s £65 from ASOS, and I think it neatly mixes ethereal with structure. This leaves spare money for accessories too. Despite all these wonderful things I think I know what my friend will say, and that is “it will make me look naked.” But ya-boo-sucks-to-you, it’s my blog and I think it’s great!

I have recently discovered the independent label Sodamix, who do some amazingly cute dresses at uber reasonable prices. I couldn’t help but go cute AND retro by picking out this lush candy stripe shirt dress. Dribble, dribble. And it’s only £22. Squee!

Last up is this lovely wrap over dress for £45 from ASOS. Floaty, flattering and girlie with a bit of spangle on the sleeves. This will challenge my girl as it’s not the sort of style she’d normally go for. But I’m a naughty fashion pixie, and I’m putting it in anyway!

Final attempts

So the following dresses don’t really fit into any particular kind of category, they are just ones I saw and liked, so enjoy this random little catalogue of other suggestions.

L-R: Orange drape dress, £30, Numph at Joy; LBD, £90, Hybrid at ASOS; Red cross back skater dress, £17, Warehouse; Gingham summer dress, £35, ASOS Collection.

L-R: Purple paisley tea dress, £42.99, La Frock; Blue leopard dress, £95, Coast; White grecian dress, £45, Cutie at Dorothy Perkins; Applique dress, £95, Karen Millen.



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