Made in Chelsea?


I have some serious shoe-lust going on at the moment for chelsea boots, and it appears that I’m not the only one.

My beautiful Austrian friend and I were talking at a party at the weekend and she told me about a pair she’d seen in Office for £85, but that she couldn’t really afford them at that price (recession or no recession, when the hell did shoes and boots get so darn expensive?!)

So instantly my nerdette radar went off, and I promised I would find her a pair at a cheaper price, so that she can eat more than potatoes for the next three weeks. My brief is:

  • chelsea boots
  • flat
  • black
  • size 5
  • under £85

And here’s what I found…

First up it’s Topshop where I found these ‘Angsty‘ chelsea boots for £65. Ooh, lookie, they’re so shiny! I have to say I was pretty amazed to find that the increasingly-expensive Toppers were cheaper than those in Office.

Fashion maths:

  • Angsty: £85 – £65 = saving of £20

After some more searching I found these babies in Marks and Spencers of all places (one of those shops where I wouldn’t normally check for anything other than work trousers, but that I’m pleasantly suprised by on occasion, and where I end up buying most of the shop!) Anyway, this Autograph pair came in at £59 – a whole £6 cheaper than Topshop.

Fashion maths:

  • Autograph booties: £85 – £59 = saving of £26

Next up it’s ASOS – gotta love this place for the bargains. The cheapest of all the boots I found were here. The first is a classic round toed pair called Alibi for £50 – and they’re real leather too. Also here I found an almond toed pair with contrast heel called Andre for £45 – also real leather, sort of chelsea boot meets cowboy boot.

Now, I don’t know if the code is still valid, but our pals at ASOS were offering 20% to celebrate London Fashion week. Just in case it is the code is: HAPPYLFW.

Fashion maths:   

  • Alibi: £85 – (£50 x 0.8) = saving of £45! (Or £35 without the discount)
  • Andre: £85 – (£45 x 0.8) = saving of £49! (Or £40 without the discount)

So these are my suggestions for my friend, although whilst I was at it I found some others in different colours, which I couldn’t resist sharing.

1. Miss Selfridge – these brown brogued beauties are called Alpine. They’re real leather and come in at £58. I loves a brogue, so the combination of this with a chelsea boot makes me dribble a little.

2. Zara – I’m still loving tan at the moment, so I couldn’t resist showing you these, which I saw in store a few weeks ago and have been thinking about ever since! They come in at £59.99, and are also real leather. My friend might also like these as they are also available in red, and she has a collection of lovely red shoes.

So there we have it. Hopefully my friend will have happy feet and still can eat with my suggestions. My only worry is, with all these amazing boots tempting me,…will I?!


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