Hello world!


Well hi. Welcome to the specsfiles.

I’m one of those people who other people come and talk to. I don’t mean those crazies who see you on a bus and make a bee-line for you because you dared to make even the smallest nano-second of eye contact with them, and then talk to you for the remainder of your journey about biscuits or a dog they once met. (Although I am a crazie-magnet, and this happens to me ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME!) But I mean my friends. They come to me for advice and tha’ and it seems, increasingly, for advice on fashion.

So I thought, hey, why don’t I write a blog about it? So here I am.

Speaking of crazies, here’s an example – some drunken guy on a tube caught me looking at him for, like, a millisecond. All of a sudden he’s asking if me and my friends are lesbians, and then ended by saying “You’re Alan Partridge.” Quite clearly I was not.

Anyway, I’m going into my mind now, and thinking of all my latest fashion research projects that I’ve done for people so I can share them with you. So shhh.

Until the next post… x


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